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Sagvaag Revisjon AS is a local audit firm located at Bryne and in Sola near Stavanger

We are 4 professional accountants with long and broad experience:

Our professional services comprise:

  • auditing services
  • preparation of statutory accounts and tax return
  • advisory services within economy, risk mangement, internal control, mergers, split of companies, etc
  • tax planning
  • VAT

We are pleased to be contacted:

Sagvaag Revisjon AS
Hulda Garborgsvei 4 – Bryne
Nesbu Alle 38 – Sola

Phone: +47 51 77 07 90
Fax: +47 51 48 00 60

E-mail: post@sagvaag-revisjon.no
Post: Hulda Garborgsvei 4, 4344 Bryne


Arnt Sagvaag

State authorized public accountant (Norway)
Phone: 51 77 07 91
Mobile: 911 69 145
More than 30 years of broad experience from auditing and consulting services; from Arthur Andersen,
Price Waterhouse and as the head of the internal audit department of a local bank. Since 1997 he has run his own business at Bryne.

Gunn Karin Tunheim

Registered public accountant (Norway)
Phone: 51 77 07 93
Mobile: 412 20 567
More than 20 years of broad experience from auditing and consulting services, whereof 5 years in KPMG.

With effect from September 2005 she has been a partner of the firm.

Anne Gunn Reiten Mellemstrand

State authorized public accountant (Norway)
Telefon: 51 77 07 95
Mobile: 483 67 889
Anne Gunn is a statutory auditor and has been practicing as an accountant since 2005. She has a long and varied experience from PwC with auditing of both small and medium-sized companies. She has been employed by the company since 2013, and entered the ownership side in 2017..

Hilde Orre

Phone: 51 77 07 94
Mobile: 416 31 955
Hilde is a civil economist and has varied audit experience from small and medium-sized companies in many industries. She will thus help to further develop the company's capacity and expertise in auditing and related services. She has previously worked for Deloitte and practiced as an accountant since 2012.

Our knowledge and experience - Your peace of mind.

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